18 Years of No Coincidences

There are 3 lessons I’ve come to learn and live by after 18 years in business:
  1. There are no coincidences
  2. Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen
  3. Happy Hour is my favorite meal
Before I share background behind each, I express immense gratitude as Roshini Multi Media celebrates 18 years. As we put together my latest speaker reel, I’m reminded of the many amazing events entrusted to my microphone. As we celebrate the overhaul of our Web site (RoshiniInc.com), I am in awe of how much I learned from my clients, my advisors, my friends, my family, my enthusiasts, and my critics–both in-person and online. As we curate topics and guests for The Crisis Files™ podcast, I fondly remember interviews from my 9 years of hosting REAL Talk with Roshini on WCCO Radio.
Now, to those 3 lessons….
There are no coincidences: If someone or some place crossed your path, that was not by chance. You have the choice to explore or ignore. I hope you explore.
Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen: Important to work your plan and have vision. Equally important to futurecast and place importance on the long game versus expending too much energy on short-term wins. Your intentionality will pay off. I promise.
Happy Hour is my favorite meal: I am grateful for the countless happy hours over these past 18 years and the amazing people who joined me. Sometimes you plan for a power business hour, and it turns into the sweetest mutual revelation of personal lives that enrich your relationship. Other times, you actually do score a huge deal without intending it for that moment. No matter the situation, I hope you find time to see people and celebrate the big wins, the small moments, or just a favorite appetizer. You won’t be sorry. Cherishing the present makes for better tomorrows.
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