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18 Years of No Coincidences

There are 3 lessons I’ve come to learn and live by after 18 years in business: There are no coincidences Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen Happy Hour is my favorite meal Before I share background behind

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Show Me the Money

The numbers paint a bleak picture. Only 2 percent of United States venture funding goes to women founders. Bread and Butter Ventures managing partner Mary Grove says, “It’s about access.” Mary is Google employee number 2000 and responsible for launching

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The Trump Card

Daily and evolving headlines. On August 28, a judge set a trial date for one of the cases against former President Donald Trump. Just a day before Super Tuesday in America, jury selection will begin in that federal

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Pickleball and Brains

You might not expect to find a possible miracle in the latest sports craze sweeping the nation. If you haven’t tried pickleball yet, I highly recommend it. A truly social sport, it’s accessible to all physical and ability

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Evernorth Behavioral Health with Lisa Kay

Townhall Moderator

Courageous Conversations:
Justice & Equity in Action
Sunrise Banks

Panel Moderator

Walking the Talk of Diversity Investment
Economic Club of Minnesota 2021 Kick-off

Town Hall Moderator

Courageous Conversations:
Building Pathways to Equity
Sunrise Banks
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