C-Suite Advisor
Crisis Strategist
Talk Show Host
Mainstage Speaker
Roshini Rajkumar is a C-suite advisor, crisis strategist, licensed attorney, and media insider known for executive strategy and advising toward growth.
Executive & Crisis Strategy: Working with corporations and C-suite officers, Roshini is relied upon to see gaps and prevent crises. She blends her TV experience and legal background with her ability to visualize the long game as she advises clients through crisis, media moments, and bet-the-company scenarios.
She launched Roshini Multi Media in 2006. Her proprietary products and services support clients in business, the legal sector, accounting, finance, banking, technology, healthcare, insurance, hospitality, and professional sports. Her book, Communicate That!, is in its third edition. As Roshini advises clients on their own corporate board journeys, she is currently available for corporate board service.
Mainstage Speaker & MC: On live and virtual stages, Roshini has keynoted and emceed conferences and moderated panels for nearly two decades. A few highlights include Zscaler Cybersecurity Summit 2024, NACD Summit 2023, Evernorth Outcomes 2023, and Simmons Leadership 2017. Watch her speaker reel here. Find her TEDx Talk online: Own Your WOW!™
Media Insider: In her public life, Roshini is a media analyst and host of The Crisis Files™ podcast, which is also in pitch stage as a television pilot. She draws upon 25 years in broadcasting. Her television reporting career took her to network affiliates around the US. She fell in love with talk radio during her time in TV and wrote hosting her own radio show into her business plan. After various guest hosting opportunities while she grew her professional services firm, she landed her own show in 2012. REAL Talk with Roshini aired Sundays on WCCO Radio from 2012 through 2021.
Roshini is called upon by media outlets to analyze crisis, legal issues, political strategy, and leadership optics. She is a legal analyst for Court TV; a political analyst for WJR Detroit; a crisis commentator for Twin Cities media.


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