Coach’s Corner: Graceful Goodbyes

In August 2012, my life changed forever on the first Sunday of the Minnesota State Fair. It was the day I became host of my own show on WCCO Radio, the then-CBS (now Audacy) affiliate in Minneapolis. Amazing to gain a vehicle that allowed me to blend my background as a licensed attorney and television broadcaster with my current world of coaching leadership and crisis management. Real Talk with Roshini gave me an amazing gift on the airwaves for nine years.

However, for the past year, I reflected on life balance, life in general, and goals for the most critical work I want moving forward. When I chose in 2020 to focus my speaking and coaching services to help clients better integrate Equity and Inclusion throughout business operations and get them more crisis-ready in light of the modern landscape, the need to get my Sundays back stared me in the face. Just as I coach “green” space or refresh time, I aspired to walk that talk more fully.

Here are four things I focused on when it was time for this graceful goodbye. Hope they will help as you contemplate your current and envision your future.

Communication is kind: Transparency and efficiency work best upfront. Giving people affected by your decision time for their own planning keeps your solid reputation intact and helps your organization plan ahead.

Clarity is kind: Ensure your decision is about your shifting needs and career goals. Communicate that clearly. No need to over explain. Avoid signals that indicate any person or any issue is the reason you’re making a change. Keep all bridges clean and clear.

Caring is kind
: After key colleagues and managers know of your decision to depart, tell close colleagues in-person and stay or get connected on LinkedIn. Feel free to exchange personal contact information and plan to stay in touch. If you’ve given more than a two-week notice, send a final, personalized goodbye through e-mail. Think about making a larger-audience announcement on one or more of your social media platforms.

Connection is kind: Several professional colleagues and media outlets, including Kristen Montag of Meet Minneapolis and Brian McClung of Park Street Public on Twitter, Joe Nelson from Bring Me the News, Neal Justin from StarTribune, and many others on LinkedIN, weighed in on my announcement. Developing and nurturing local and national relationships make for an investment in your future. You never know when one current or former connection has a key to your future plans.

Though it can be challenging to say goodbye to a meaningful chapter of your life and enthusiastically jump into what’s next, these leaps of faith are when and where significant growth happens. Best wishes as you contemplate your future and live your dreams.

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