Coach’s Corner: Mountain Time

The desert always brings reflection and rejuvenation to my world. In fact, I’ve found therapeutic time during a simple walk among the mountains in the dry air. One of my favorite parts of desert country is Arizona. I kicked off the business anniversary month with a 3-day Girls Weekend in Phoenix and Sedona. No agenda. No nonsense. Blessed to enjoy all of it with my longtime friend Terri and a day in Sedona with Julie. Yes, wine was flowing. I share this to help remind you why this mountain time wouldn’t happen unless I imagined the benefits (easy to do) and then blocked it on my calendar (a little tougher).

My clients hear me talk about the concept of Green Space. This is my term for the time you give yourself away from work and other obligations. Filling that green space with joy-inducing items and people is exactly what you need right now. Green space doesn’t have to conjure up images of a 3-week vacation you feel you could never take. Though if you could do it, I hope you do. Perhaps even 15 minutes to go to your favorite coffee shop and truly savor a warm concoction. Whatever it is, make green space a part of every day, each week and month. And if you do find yourself in Camp Verde, Arizona, definitely get a dinner reservation at Moscato.

Need ideas for how to manage this into your world? Drop me a line:

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