The Way I See It

Recently, I was a guest of motivational speaker Ann Ulrich at a Walker Art Center event in Minneapolis. The program focused around trend guru Robyn Waters and her new book.

Talk about walking into a room filled with impressive people.  PR types, designers, division leaders at some of Minnesota’s and the nation’s biggest corporations.   I’m glad I was having a good hair day!  Everyone looked good and just seemed sharp.

I learned some cool things about Robyn’s ideas relating to trend, about her research into paradox.  I had to leave her presentation early to head to the University of Minnesota to teach my journalism students.  But I hope to retain all I learned in that half hour.  There is one piece of information I know I won’t forget: Robyn’s on a Starbuck’s cup.

Yup.  Her quote is featured on a Starbuck’s cup somewhere near you.  Or in London, or New York.  Wherever that trendy brand has set up shop.  How cool is that?

So I got to thinking…what would my quote look like if Starbuck’s decided to ask me to share some thoughts?  And then that train of thought skyrocketed!

Now, my fantasy is to one day see these words as The Way I See It #999: “The two most important things in life are Love and Time.  Without love, time is empty.  But without time, love cannot exist.”  Something I wrote when I was a teenager.  Having lived more life since then, it rings more true.

I hope I’ve learned a thing or two about giving the people and places I love more time.  And I hope that for everyone.  You can be the hippest person, the trendiest person, the smartest person in the room.  But if you don’t understand how to value your time and the time of others, you’re wasting your time and theirs.  If you don’t respect the value of time, you probably don’t deserve anyone’s love.  So that’s the way I see it…whether Starbuck’s asks for my opinion or not.  But secretly, I wouldn’t mind getting on a cup somewhere…

For now, Ink Spots & Air Time wants to know your thoughts.  Send us the Way You See It…and we just may publish it right here on Roshini’s Blog for all to read.

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